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The Hunted is an Indie Horror Game. You are a hunter that is being hunted and they'll make you understand how a prey feels...


In 1939, a secret department has been created by government. Many scientists from all over the world have been hired.
The main goal of this department was to find a cure for epidemics and to extend people's lifespan through conducting experiments on convicts.
These experiments were directed by a conversative professor named Albert.
Since there were many experiments, there were also many subjects. Which means there were many runaway subjects as well.
So, to solve that problem government created another department to hunt runaways down. After many huntings and conductings, things started to change. Experiments became more cruel.
One night, "subject 168" started a rebellion movement in the main facility. Rebels were able to kill Dr Albert and freed all the subjects. Department has been shut down, experiments have been stopped.
Now, it's their turn.

About the Dev

Hey everyone, my name is Emre.
Through this game, I wanted to improve myself on C# and dev stuff. I hope you all like it. This game won't be the only one.
To learn more about my future projects. Follow me on Twitter.
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